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What does Worqaround do?

Worqaround is a solution of chatting between Excel user and Excel expert. All you need to do is upload your sheets and describe the desired result. Our expert will complete the task and solve the problems. All the information will be exchanged in an online format.

DISCLAIMER: During the beta stage and 24/7 chat is not available. Available soon.

  • Insert your email
  • Describe the needed result in writing or visually
  • Upload spreadsheet
  • Additional information exchange from chat
  • Download completed file

Our customers are everyone who are using Excel, whether private or business clients. Business packages include additional solutions and extended support.

DISCLAIMER: During the beta stage and 24/7 chat is not available. Available soon.

Worqaround is not competing with any business intelligence software but a key link to wholesome customer experience and to provide complete benefit from BI software. For example, you can export multiple datasheets from BI software and the Workqaround expert will help you to make connections between massive amounts of data spread around in different sheets.

We believe in your time. Worqaround enables you to save time on time-consuming Excel tasks and allows you to focus on more important value adding processes.

Examples: Compare data in different files Harmonization of data fields Graphics, diagrams, visualizing features Pivot tables

We want to guarantee your data privacy. Your data will belong to you and will not be shared with anyone outside Worqaround. Your uploaded data is encrypted before our experts can see it. NDAs can be signed prior to co-operation to protect both sides. Your data privacy is one of our top priorities. After every single task, the used data banks and files will be shredded without backups.

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